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On Pointe + Setting the Barre

Back in June, I worked with 5 AAmazing black and brown ballerinas from Inez Patricia School of Dance and their artistic director, Jere James in Orlando, Florida. I cannot really pinpoint what gave me the inspiration to do this session but I can say I started making calls and researching the internet to find a black owned dance studio. Thankfully I have friends all over and one that just so happens to have danced in this studio and she did the introductions. This was planned for March but COVID19 especially in this area of Orange County was on the rise. We delayed until late June and from there a few changes but we made it happen in downtown Orlando near the Amway center.

Before COVID19, I visited the dance studio to get a feel for ballet and all that it entails. I for one did not know the difference between a tap shoe and a dance shoe so I needed the exposure to ask many questions. I saw little girls focused on properly executing their moves and parents that are dedicated to this studio. Once I got around to my teenage girls that I would be working with, we went over some of the poses so the director could pinpoint who should do what during the shoot. Once completed, I watched them practice and when I saw them walk in those pointe shoes, I knew this was not something you just woke up and started to do. This is years of training for strength, endurance and discipline.

I want to say thank you again to Ms. Jere James for allowing me to come in and work with her students. This was definitely an awesome experience for me to see my vision come to life on and through my camera. Thank you!

For more information to get your child/children moving and stepping...... (Girls and Boys)

Inez Patricia School of Dance is located in Orlando, offering classes in a wide variety of styles, from ballet and contemporary to jazz and hip hop. Contact them today for more information!

Phone(407) 897-5124


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