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I will Survive | THRIVE + TRANSFORM

Before COVID-19 I was booking more clients to date, collaborating with new creatives in the area + overall just embracing my business starting to be what I wanted it be - Rock Star status if you asked me but then Florida shut down on 1 April. So back to the drawing board to staying fresh + keeping my audience engaged.

At first I wanted to break down + scream because I was trying to keep up with accomplishing my goals, rescheduling clients, long line at stores for household items, adjusting to a husband working from home and a dozen other things. I realized quickly that this time was going to have to be used as a RESET. These uncertain times meant transforming in a way to continue to thrive while work has been temporarily put on hold. So guess what when given lemons you make lemonade. I had to figure out a plan to keep the momentum that I worked hard to build. As photographers, we all know that its more to it than just taking nice pictures + editing. You have marketing, online services, networking and so much more to build solid + lasting businesses. So before I let it all get away with me, I settled down + worked a plan that thus far is working for me. It came down to a little bit of physical activity, a few glasses of wine, an adjustment in attitude + a reminder that I am loved.


1. I signed up for webinars/classes/IG LIVES (Shoot Proof, Sue Bryce, Nikon)

2. Contacted all my clients by email + this week by phone

3. I participated in photography challenges

4. Learn some new skills through YouTube/Photoshop

5. Featured in (2) magazines

6. Updated website

7. Made a few new contacts with other creatives

8. Batched my IG content

9. Visited some other genres of photography (Products)

10. Took time out for ME to relax, read, meditate, chat with family/friends + of course NAP!

Image by Denise Benson Photography

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