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How to Maximize Your Wardrobe During a Session?

Hey, Hey! I know we are always looking at ways to maximize to get more bang for our buck. I for one will search and search until I find that ONE DEAL that satisfies me. I offer a portrait package that is 1.5 hours long and you may have up to two looks. My client most recently wore a blouse and slacks for her session and brought two blazers to change up her look. It worked out perfectly! We just added her glasses, coffee cup and a cell phone to spice up her poses. Most would say this is in the branding arena and indeed it is but her looks were changed just by switching out her blazer. I always recommend that you think your wardrobe through prior to your session. This is just a small way you can get multiple looks without having to change clothes (needing a changing room).

Invest in yourself + maximize to get more BANG for your buck!

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